IoT simplified

SmartGrid Technologies simplifies the deployment, data collection, processing and presentation of the vast amount of data in today's world. Our technology helps you understand your data in a simplified user experience, hiding the complexity of sensor deployments.

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Create a single source of information collecting data from different data sources (either directly or using the existing BMS systems).


Create rules and alerts to real time notify users about usage. Set your KPIs and monitor against them.


Utilize automation to make intelligent usage of assets and minimize operational and maintenance costs.


A unified platform for energy consumption visualization.


Real-Time measurement and collection using events such as sensors, devices, software, 3rd party data etc. Data are filtered and aggregated locally, before transmitted to the cloud service. Data normalization and presentation is managed from the cloud infrastructure.


Setup & Configuration of busines logic spanning from simple business rules to extremelly complex workflow-based actions. Out-of-box rules and processes provided by domain experts. Detailed audit-trail and logging of automation components.


Understand your data and processes and modify them quickly in order to save time and money. Real-time information and alerts allows the users to take quick actions in unpredictable events or prevent faults through preventive maintenance actions.


Utilize web and mobile, wherever you are.
End-users enjoy immediate access to all their devices. Energy operators provide add-on services, billing information and customer care functionality.